Fifa 16 Pre-Order

Fifa 16

One of the most hotly anticipated PC and console games is just weeks away from launch and so millions of people are clammering to get their pre-orders in to ensure they have a copy of the latest installment in the Fifa franchise on the day of release on 22nd September 2015. Yes, this amount of excitement around a football game can mean only one thing – Fifa 16!

The Fifa 16 demo has just been released and although some people are already complaining that game is too slow in comparison to Fifa 15, many people will be glad of the added realism to the game. Arcade soccer fans go back to PES is perhaps the cry from EA Sports – Fifa 16 is aiming itself to be the most realistic football/soccer game on any system.

lionel messie
Lionel Messi is top rated player in Fifa 16

The added agility for the defenders and improved computer AI allowing defenders to play as a unit and cover space will mean less goals are scored, but this may just mean players are more reliant on using their own creativity with new skill moves and the hotly anticipated dribbling without the ball.

We here at Livcast enjoye the demo and have already put our fifa 16 pre-order in over at as they found us the cheapest fifa 16 deal.

If you are avid Fifa fans like us then you will have already put your order in, but if you haven’t yet put your order in – get it in now as copies for release will be limited and there has been plenty of hype for the latest version of the classic franchise – hell I think I have bought every copy since Fifa 95 so I’m pretty damn committed to the brand!

We did dabble with the PES2016 demo on PS4 but lasted all of around 10 minutes before the gimmicky gameplay (that felt far too unrealistic for our liking) put us off.  The Fifa 16 demo did take a little bit of getting used to but the graphics were of course familiar and the gameplay was tweaked just the right amount when we gave it considered reflection.

On a side note, we look forward to playing with Barcelona who have Messi as the highest rated player in the game, with Ronaldo in just one point behind him.  We don’t want summer to end, but this is one pretty big silver lining for the end of September to roll on.